One of the ways of expressing your ability is the Classification system. Adult (or Senior) archers can be classified as one of the following:

Senior Classifications

  • Novice Archer (only applies for the first 12 months of shooting)
  • Archer
  • 3rd Class Archer
  • 2nd Class Archer
  • 1st Class Archer
  • Bowman
  • Master Bowman
  • Grand Master Bowman

Junior Classifications

  • Novice Archer (only applies for the 1st 12 months of shooting)
  • Archer
  • 3rd Class Archer
  • 2nd Class Archer
  • 1st Class Archer
  • Junior Bowman
  • Junior Master Bowman

Up to Bowman standard (for senior and junior archers), the scheme is run within the club, but beyond that, Archery GB are involved and claims for recognition have to be submitted to them on an approved form. The classification lasts for a year and then must be achieved all over again by shooting three qualifying scores.

To achieve Bowman standard you would need to shoot rounds that include distances of 100 yards or 90 metres for gents, and 80 yards or 70 metres for ladies. If ladies feel able to shoot 100 yards, they may but don’t have to in order to achieve GMB or MB status, while for gents the only way to get MB or GMB is to shoot a York or metric equivalent. There are far more rounds available for ladies to shoot than for gents (see the GNAS green book in the club hut for more details!).

Typical differences between classes are scores of about 150 to 200 depending on the round shot. There is a correlation between handicap and classification. 3rd Class would indicate a handicap of around 58, 2nd around 50, 1st would be 44. Bowman is 36 or better, Master Bowman 28 and GMB, 22. However classifications are not directly linked to handicaps, as the calculations for either system are slightly different. It's best to consult the GNAS green book mentioned above for more details.

There are tables for seniors, juniors, gentlemen, ladies, recurve, longbow, compound and recurve barebow, and any combination of the aforementioned groupings. Just like handicaps, an archer maintains a separate outdoor and indoor classification, and there are similar tables for indoor shooting with their own definitions.

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