Tying a Nocking Point

Before I begin, two apologies - firstly for the poor focus on some of the pictures (I forgot to select the macro setting on the camera!), and secondly the state of the serving on my string! Hope it’s useful for someone out there.

Set the position of the nocking point using a bracing height gauge:


Cut off a length (about 12", but you will gauge the length yourself after doing a few) of
dental floss and tie a single knot to keep it in position:

Keeping the floss tight at all times, begin winding down the serving over the top of the
other end of the floss:

After a short distance, wind back to where you started to build up the height a little:

And back again:

Now form a loop with the end you were winding over:

And then continue winding down towards the end of the loop:

Feed the end of the floss you are winding with through the loop, again keeping it tight:

Still holding the winding end of the floss tight, pull the other end of the floss tight, which
will pull the loop closed:

Continue to pull until the winding end is half way under the last bit you wound (I think
that makes sense!), then with a sharp knife, cut off the excess from the winding end of
the floss:

Pull a little further to tuck in the cut end, then cut off the excess floss you were
pulling - again using a sharp knife and trying to cut as close in as you can without cutting
into your nice new nock:

The finished nock:

To set the position of the second nock, fit the arrow to the string, and you can then begin
again in the correct place:

Once the floss has been tied on for the second nock, remove the arrow and continue as
above but in the other direction:

All done:

Geoff Fisher

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